Gwen Stefani faces criticism over 'I'm Japanese' comment in Allure magazine interview

Music star Gwen Stefani has been called out for comments made about her affinity to Japan during an interview with Allure magazine, while promoting her beauty brand GXVE.

In the article published on Tuesday, Stefani, 53, spoke extensively about her Japanese influences, at one point telling writer Jesa Marie Calaor, while remembering a trip to Japan, "My god, I'm Japanese and didn't know it."

The comment was made after Stefani was asked about her previous cosmetic endeavors — specifically her 2008 fragrance collection "Harajuku Lovers."

Released on the heels of her solo album "Love.Angel.Music.Baby," the marketing and imagery of both the "Harajuku Lovers" perfume and the original record borrowed heavily from the colorful Japanese subculture.

Stefani has been criticized in recent years over perceived appropriation of Japanese culture during the 2000s. Calaor, who is Filipina American,

"If (people are) going to criticize me for being a fan of something beautiful and sharing that, then I just think that doesn't feel right,

she told Calaor, in defense of her Harajuku era. "I think it was a beautiful time of creativity...a time of the ping-pong match between Harajuku culture and American culture,"