Top 10 SEO Tools For Blogger

Top 10 SEO Tools For Blogger

What is SEO:????
SEO Means Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) is the process of enhancing the visibility of your website/blog in organic search result. It involves different kinds of search such as image search, video search, local and academic search. Optimizing a particular blog usually involves editing the content and coding to remove the voids (defects) by increasing relevance to specific keywords. Sometimes the process of increasing the no. of backlinks also comes under Search engine optimization.

How Search  Search Engine Works:?

The first basic thing is you need to know mostly search engine are text driven. They crawl the web to see what is there. This is done by a crawler / spider (Googlebot in case of Google). Spiders follow links from one page to another indexing each page they found on their way. Since there are billions of pages, so it is practically impossible to visit every site daily. Some spiders end up not visiting a site by more than a month. After the crawling process they all crawled pages are stored in a giant database. Now when you enter string on a search engine they show you the relevant indexed (stored database) pages. The search result is sorted from the most relevant to the least relevant sites, which totally depends on the algorithm used. 

Top 10 SEO Tools For Blogger

1: SeMrush

 SEMrush is widely used for tracking an immense amount of organic traffic (unpaid) from google and bing search engine. The tool also tells about your competitor which rank in the top 20 google and Bing search result. You can see every single detailed report of backlinks and the percentage of traffic each getting page<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

2: SEO Book Rank Checker

 The SEO Book rank Checker is the best tool for analyzing your blog rank for a specific phrase and keyword. It helps to estimate how much each ranking is worth, the top keyword your site ranked for and value of coming traffic. The tool has duplicate content checker which alerts you whenever your content exactly matches the other content present on the internet.

3: SEOmoz

 SEOmoz (is now Moz) will help you to optimize each page present on your site. The tool can track your social media performance, can access SEO metrics for each content, analyze inward link to your site and can conduct link research. This tool is available to Moz analytics subscriber (free for first 30 days)


 Ubersuggest is best keyword suggestion tool that makes very good use of Google suggest. Just write your query in the box and you will get answers in seconds. For further suggestions based on your initial query, click on each word displayed as a result. The tool is absolutely free and you can instantly get thousands of keyword ideas with a single click.

5: Clicky

 Clicky is a web analytics tool with custom dashboards that cost you around $60 per year. It shows result segment by goals, real time visitor activity on site and visitor report with each page view. The tool has some additional features such as big screen mode, alerts you in real time about conversation, new visitors and more. Along with the PC version clock is also available for use and android devices

6: Xenu’s Link Sleuth

 The Xenu’s Link Sleuth tool is best known for finding broken links on your sites. You can’t have broken links within your site as it degrades your overall website performance and ranking. It is a free software that automatically locates the broken links for images, HTML files, Java applets, text and css style sheet.

7: HubSpot

  Marketing has never been easier. Hubspot is primarily developed by business websites that gives you an amazing training about inbound marketing, SEO and blogging. This tool will help you with almost all SEO and site queries. It also shows the quality and quantity of traffic in every single minute

8:SEO by Yoast for WordPress

 WordPress is a content management system that most bloggers prefer. SEO by Yoast works with WordPress sites only that helps you to optimize your site by providing content analysis functionality and automatically generating XML Sitemaps. The tool is built with some key features such as post title and Meta description, robot Meta configuration, permalink clean up, rss enhancement, API docs and much more.

9:Google Trinity Core

There are several Google services that play an important key role in optimizing your site. Major 3 of them are :

  • Webmaster tools – Provide all latest techniques and advices to enhance your site performance.
  • Google Analytics – Used for tracking and analyzing the behavior of visitors.

Google Trends – Shows how often a particular search term is entered into the Google search engine across the world.

10: AddWords Keword Tool

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