Open Multiple Facebook Accounts in Mozilla FireFox from Doc

Open Multiple Facebook Accounts in Mozilla FireFox

Sometimes u wanna to open 2 or more facebook,gmail,yahoo etc. accounts together in Mozilla firefox But U always unable to open !!! m i right ??

Here i m giving an simple trick by which u can open multiple accounts as u wish …
Follow these Steps only :
Step 1. Click on Start—>Run —> write as it is.
“C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” -no-remote -p  —>Click OK
(Here it is showing the path of “Firefox.exe” file on the system, If in ur System this file at other places then plz give that path .)
One Window will pop up , like:
Step 2 .Click on “ Create Profile” then another window will pop-up like:
then Click on “Next” :
Enter Any name in the Empty box of “Enter new Profile Name” like here i m given “geekypedia”—>click on “Finish” Button.
Step-3 .Then Start Your Firefox by as you open It will open firefox with Default User Profile,
After this again
Click on Start–>Run –>type  “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” -no-remote -p
Select The New Created Profile Like here: i have Choosen “geekypedia” ,then Click on Start Firefox Button .
 Now You can open Your different facebook account in different Browsers.!!!
Note :Like this u can create many Profile and opening Mozilla with these profile name u can open different accounts in different Browsers.

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