If you have an Alertpay account and earn some good money. Now its time for you to withdraw money from your Alertpay account. when it comes to withdraw we have four options for Pakistan to withdraw money from Alertpay.
1. Bank Credit Card
credit-cardYou can add your credit card into your alertpay account. This is the most easy way you can withdraw money from your alertpay account, but not everyone can afford a credit card. So very few people use this option for withdraw. The Alertpay Fee for this kind of transaction is 5$ and it will take 7-8 business days to arrive.
How Add A Bank Credit Card?
Here are the steps you have to Follow:

First you need current account of Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan.

Open an Account at Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
Option for Bank Account
)  BBA Account with Rs.1000 initial deposit of cross check.
Islamic Saadiq Account in Rs.5000 initial deposit. (both accounts can be used, choice is yours) 
Apply with Standard Chartered Visa Card 
Activate your Online Banking

Now for Withdraw Funds:

Add Credit/Debit Card in Alertpay Account.
lertpay will send Dollars to your online banking statement with code.which will appear in 2 – 3 days.Copy that code and login your alertpay account and submit code to credit card verification click submit.After verify your account if u want to withdraw your $$$ go to alertpay withdraw option and click withdraw via Credit/Debit Card.Alertpay will send dollers to your bank account (you can see in your online banking statement), it will take 3-4 business days.Standard Chartered Bank exchange dollars into Pak RupeesTax should be like thisAlertpay fees = 5$ (per transaction)
you get money in your scb bank account in 10 to 15 days
 Note:- First you have to Validate your Alertpay Account with Credit/Debit Card then Secondly Phone Validation remember this is important. 
2. Check

checkThe second option is through which you can withdraw money from your alertpay account is by check. But it is also the most slow transaction process of all. When you request you money through check alertpay takes 2 business days to release it. After that it will take 15-20 days to reach at your door step in pakistan. After receiving the check you have to submit it in your bank account and after that it will take another 20 days to process. All in all this is the process of 40+ days, which is of course not the best way to do. The charges for this type of transaction from alertpay is 4$ and 5$ processing fee from your local bank. Minimum amount you can withdraw through check is 20$. For check request simply click on withdraw tab into your account. Then select Check option. After that you will see a page like below. simply enter the amount you want to withdraw and press enter. After that confirm and you are done.

3. Wire Transfer
WireTransferThe third and last method to withdraw money from your alertpay account in Pakistan is wire transfer. It the most expansive method of all, but if you don’t have credit card then it is more suitable to you than Check. The transaction charges for this type of method is 15$ from alertpay only. No charges from your local bank. It will take 7-8 business days to arrive money in your account. The process is little bit hard. You need at-least three codes in order to complete the transaction. One is of course your full account number, second is your branch code and third is Swift BIC code. All these codes can be obtained by calling to your local bank branch and consult Foreign Currency department. Bank codes are not applicable in Pakistan so leave that box empty. Other information include Your Bank name, Branch phone no and contact person name. All fill in the information click next and then click confirm. Your withdraw request will be shown as pending.

Alertpay PrePaid Debit Card in Pakistan

The good news for Pakistani bloggers and people who work on internet is that Alertpay has announced its PrePaid Debit Card for 46 countries and Pakistan is one of them. The Alertpay PrePaid Debit Card is a dream come true for Alertpay users and this card gives them the power to purchase everything they want on internet. You can buy products from amazon, buy web hosting from premium webhosting companies etc. With this card you can withdraw money from your Alertpay account from any ATM machine any where in the world. That is why this card was highly demanded by the Alertpay users and now the wait is over. This card gives you the power to unleash the world and do what you want. In order to be eligible you must verify Alertpay account in Pakistan. This card is available in two types, USD PrePaid Card and CAD PrePaid Card.

Pre-register for AlertPay PrePaid Debit Card

You can pre-register for Alertpay Prepaid Debit Card by signing into your Alertpay account now. You will see a screen with the option to pre-register your Prepaid Debit Card. Just click the button and you will be considered for the card. Only 48 countries are eligible to apply for this card but in 2012 other countries will also be included. If you will be pre-selected for the card than you will be notified with E-mail from Alertpay and you can order your card. This best thing is that there is no fee requirement in order to pre register the card so hurry up now because limited cards are available for the pre-registration.
Access your funds anytime anywhere.
Alertpay PrePaid Debit Card is available in USD and CAD and its safe and convenient way to make international payments. Alertpay members can load up to 5,000 CAD or USD on to the card, directly from their AlertPay E-Wallet, and shop where VISA or MasterCard cards are accepted. Use the card to make online or in-store purchases anywhere in the world without exposing your personal information. No need to wait for your payment o arrive in your local bank accounts which take several business days.

 Fees and Limits

Fee Description
  • Card load fee $1.00 *
  • POS usage and/or decline fee $0.50
  • Activation fee FREE
  • ATM transaction fee (domestic Canada & US) $2.50
  • ATM transaction fee (international) $3.00
  • Monthly service fee FREE
  • Inactive fee (after 3 months of inactivity) $1.00 **
  • ATM decline transaction $0.50
  • ATM balance inquiry $0.75
  • PIN change fee $1.00
  • Non-ATM withdrawal/over the counter withdrawal fee $10.00
  • Chargeback fee $35.00
  • Foreign exchange fee 2.5%
Card Limits
  • Maximum balance $5000.00
  • Minimum load $10.00
  • Maximum load $2500.00
  • Daily POS purchase limit $5000.00
  • Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit $1000.00
  • Load time 2-4 Business Days
  • Transfer to AlertPay balance Immediate
  • Number of daily loads 3
  • Number of weekly loads 10
  • Number of monthly loads 20

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