How to Skyrocket & Increase Google Adsense Earnings in 2013

How to Skyrocket & Increase Google Adsense Earnings in 2013

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Our today recipe will all about google adsense earning. As we all know Google Adsense is a famous CPC program through which thousands and millions of Bloggers are earning money every month. However, few are complaining that their revenue is not enough yet. So this guide is for those who haven’t had any luck with the program but they still have a desire to go on with it.  I will teach you how to skyrocket your Google Adsense earning by following few useful steps.  Results won’t increase by some 100% but I guarantee that you will see some improvements gradually in the earning. So in today article we will show you how to increase google adsense earnings revenue by applying the below top killer strategies.

6 killer Way To Increase Google Adsense Earning:

Apply all these pro 6 killer strategies on your Blog  to boost your adsense earning.
Popularize Your Posts Building Baklinks & Increase Revenue
Backlinks play important role in improving your website’s performance in the search engine.

Now question is what to do and how to improve your position in the search results. The only answer is making more and more backlinks. Find Do Follow Blogs in your niche and post sensible comments.

You can also join do-follow forums and contribute in the discussion for earning some valuable link back to the website. Use your keyword as an anchor text in the signature and try to post as much as you can.

Top 20 Dofollow Backlinks forums

Conclusion: After follow the above strategies at the movement you have loyal readership, massive traffics and dozens of pagesviews, now i would say there is no doubt to grab handsome money by Google Adsense.

Write Awesome Articles

It’s not an old saying that content is the king! I will rather say it acts like a soul for your blog. What happens to the body without soul? You know it better, right? So, your blog is almost like a dead body without creative and engaging content.

Do proper research on the topic you are planning to attempt and provide your personal insights along with accurate details and information to the readers. Include images and infographics to beatify your posts and making them more attractive. Don’t just construct a wall of content in the post; readers don’t like reading long, boring articles. Formatting your article is also crucial in blogging; use headings, subheadings, quotes and conclusions.

Conclusion: So the more you have unique quality contents the more you have chances to built strong readerships + Traffics + Maximize Adsense Earnings.

Ad Placement and Position:

The placement of Adsense ad-blocks matter a lot in boosting the blog earning. I know couple of impatient bloggers who have filled every inch of their post with ads everywhere.

Do you think it’s a good idea to make your post crowded and cluttered? No, it’s not. Try to use no more than three ad units on the blog and place each block in a good position, especially on the pages where you are getting high traffic.

How to Add Adsense Inside Blogger Posts

The right ad placement will prevent accident and fraudulent clicks, as a result your CTR may jump up from 0.56 % to 5 % and even higher. If you don’t want to put your blog on Google radar you have to be rational when displaying ads on the blog. And this implies to all other third party advertisements that you are showing right now.

Display all Types of Ads:

Never try to limit ad visibility to text ads only as this may lower your CPC. Use all types of ads in suitable locations in your blog to get maximum exposure and higher bids from advertisers; text, Media Rich ads, Banner, and image ads, all should be considered when it comes to displaying Adsense codes in the blog.

Always try to keep your affiliated & adsense banners as low as possible. Do not turn your blog into fish market it would not help in increasing your adsense revenue, instead it would discourage your blog readership and also compel your blog on loading time.

Tips To Reduce Your Blog Loading Time

Search High CPC keywords:
Do a little homework on searching the keywords with high CPC, high traffic volume and low competition. You can use Adword Keyword tool to filter your search on a specific niche or subject. Of course, keywords with high CPC will generate more earning in the account, but overuse any search term or Google will consider you a spammer. Blend your keyword wisely within content and let your post be natural in the tone.

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