How To Convert 1GB,2GB Memory Card Or Pendrive into 4GB

How To Convert 1GB,2GB Memory Card Or Pendrive into 4GB

Hello guys How are you? Hope u r fine. 
Today I have a amusing and interesting Trick that ”How To Convert 1GB,2GB Memory Card Or Pendrive into 4GB?”

So i start the tutorial and if you find any problem feel free to comment below i’ll try to help you.

Step By Step Guide….

Step1: Insert your memory stick in USB port

See the Screenshot Below

Step 3: Rename the Pen drive or memory stick to your own.

Step 4: Open Drive Increaser 2 icon from the Downloaded folder.

Step 5: The opened file is asks USB drive Name. (Before enter the name first Rename the Memory stick or Pen drive). Just  enter the renamed pen drive name as u want.

Step 6: After that, it will ask USB pendrive letter (Ex: H or I or J). Repeat this two times.

Step 7: After Drive letter entry some process will be done with Red color like this image Below.

Step 8: Finally it shows Done Please enter any key to Close this.

Thats it you have done this successfully Now your memory card/Pen Drive is 4GB.

Do not format the Pen drive.
Just delete the files from pen drive if format is required.

Hope you find this tutorial very easy and interesting so give me your Feed Back and follow me on Social Networks. 

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