How Make Your Facebook Account More Secure

     How Make Your Facebook Account More Secure?

                                                  by TrickXx_HackX

1- Use Unique and Strong Password
Make Sure Your Password is more than 8 characters with combination of  these signs (? @ % &) and Change your password after 2 months in General Account Settings.

2- Set Security Question
You Must Add a security question to your account from your Security Settings page.
 To learn more about Security Question, click here. to read.

3-Enable Secure Browsing
It prevents your accounts from being compromised through unencrypted WiFi using tools like Firesheep. Enable Facebook browsing on a secure connection from Security Settings page.

 Follow these steps to receive notification about your account.

1. Go to Mobile Setting of your Facebook account.
2. Click on “Add a Phone”.
3. Select country and mobile phone carrier and click “Next.”
4. Send a text message containing the letter “F” to 32665 from your mobile phone.
5. Enter the activation code you receive on your phone in the text box and click “Confirm.”
6.After this you receive notification about every thing going on on your account.

Enable Login Notifications This feature alerts you each time your account is accessed from a new device. Enable Login Notifications from Security Settings page.


If you have confusion about this , click here.  

Follow some more Additional  guidelines to keep your account more and more secure.

1-Make sure you have Log out from your account every time.
2-Do not allow apps and games released by unverified publishers or require account information because they steal Our all type of information
3- 1. Keep your browser and antivirus update Regularly . .
4-Never give your username or password to anyone Even You know him.
5. Uncheck the ‘Keep me logged in’ checkbox from the Facebook log-in page.
 6. Never accept friendship requests from strangers and add unknown ‘friends’ to Restricted List

For complete list and details about Extra Security Features of Facebook, click here. and read the terms and condition.

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